Sunday, 13 April 2014

Thanks To Pinky Mam

Thanks To Pinky Mam ;-)

Even A Failure In Business Can Teach You a Lot 

There is no dearth of Great Minds with Great Ideas. Lots of People amongst us, Students, Businessmen, Housewives, Experienced Professionals, have Ambitions of starting something on their own. Being their own Boss. Follow their own rules. A Small Business to start with and work hard to make it Big beyond Imagination.

Taking the first step is the most crucial in this process and often the most important one too. Once you have taken the first step, the momentum is generated and you are also charged up to take things forward.

However, the journey is far from being a cakewalk. There will be various ups and downs, long nights, lots of sweat, frustration, depression etc. But, in the end, everything seems worth it when you see your Annual Report reaching above Break Even Point.

But what if all that hard work, sweat, long nights, almost nil work-life balance leads nothing but a big ZERO just because of a small mistake you or someone in your staff committed ?  A mistake which you didn't even notice intially but became the reason for Your Failure. 

While we all are vigilant and aware of big and significant mistakes, there are certain unnoticiable mistakes like hiring a wrong staff member, bad office infrastructure (both exterior and interior), negative body language of self and staff, daily behaviour with colleagues and office politics etc to name a few, which can cause havoc in running a start-up business. 

This e-book will bring to light such small and unnoticiable mistakes which entrepreneurs think as insignificant but ultimately are the reasons for big losses. Our aim is to let our readers be sensitive to such common flaws and thus be successful in their business endeavours.

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What This  eBook Will Teach You

Even A Failure In Business Can Teach You a Lot