Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Micromax Funbook Talk calling P 360 Tablet Complaint


I Purchased Micromax Funbook Talk calling P 360 Tablet
invoice no 1220056550   dated   29-08-2013.

Many time submit service station reparing purpose first time bluetooth not working second time battery backup and third time tab is auto matice restart 1 minutes so please request please look in my complaint

I submit tablet 30- Dec-2013
complaint no 30495-1213-7258297
Service station name - Akhil Traders Indore asc code wo30568
Executive Names : Mr Ambrish Sharma
Call Center Exe : Monika Namdev

Now They are not able to give me Reply when they will Return my Tab or Not ? 

Every time I visit they said come after 1 week :(

My email -   Shekhar@Golgapppa.com

Micromax Funbook P275
Micromax Funbook Specification
Micromax Funbook Infinity P275


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  2. micromaxmobile.india@gmail.com

    Do Not Buy
    Micromax Funbook Talk calling P 360 Tablet
    They are Big Cheaters

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