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Entrepreneur Ideas

If you are planning to start your own business and are looking for some innovative entrepreneur ideas for the same, then read on for some creative business ideas.
With the economic recession still staring us in the face, layoffs becoming a stark reality and job opportunities shrinking by the day, many people are considering turning into entrepreneurs, rather than looking for jobs in various multinationals. For becoming an entrepreneur, there are two very important things that are needed, i.e. capital and the right business idea. Looking at the state that most world economies and businesses are in today, it is very crucial to come up with an innovative business idea, which will be somewhat recession proof and will also give consistent returns. Suggested below are some of such "safer" business ideas. 

Entrepreneur Ideas for All 

Consultant: One of the best business ideas for both men and women is to become a consultant. This is however possible only if you are proficient in some skills such as marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. Also, for being a consultant, one requires lots of contacts and networking skills. So keep these prerequisites of the job in mind before taking up this venture. 

Tutor: If you love children and are master in any of the subjects taught at school, then you may contact a school or a home school group at the local level to check if they have a requirement for tutors. Tutoring is in fact one of the best businesses for women, considering that it leaves enough time for them to manage both family and work simultaneously. You can consider starting your own tuition classes from home. If you are good at painting, craft-making, singing or dancing, you can take hobby classes for the same as well.

Secretary: Many small businesses need secretarial services, yet they do not have the required funds to hire a professional through an agency. If you have computer skills, and the necessary equipment such as a computer and a printer, you can readily take up such assignments and work from home itself. You would need good communication and organizational skills to become successful in such a business. Writer: If you have a command over the English language and love to read and write, you can consider becoming a freelance writer for various online publications, websites and local dailies. You may also become a blogger, which by the way has become a multimillion business nowadays. 

Caterer: Another small business idea which requires a minuscule investment is to offer one's food catering services. If you are someone who loves to cook and bake, you can start your own catering business, by supplying food for parties, festivals, get together, dinners and even office meetings. 

Event PlannerEvent planning is one business which anyone can start, irrespective of their qualifications. Whether it is weddings, office meetings or seminars, there is always a need for event planners who can ensure that they are organized effectively and efficiently. To become a successful event planner, one needs to have good networking, communication and organizational skills. Ability to pay attention to detail and handle any crisis which may arise, are the other two main requirements of this business.

Ideas for College Students

Internet Seller: Since majority of college students are Internet savvy these days, a useful idea for them would be to become an Internet seller. They can purchase cheap goods from the Internet, garage sales or second hand shops, pack them well and then sell on the Internet with a profit. 

Baby/Pet Sitter: Another innovative business idea for college students is to become a baby or a pet sitter. There is a lot of scope to earn in this profession considering these days both the husband and wife work long hours. Cleaner: Most students do not keep their rooms or dorms clean. So a good way to earn money is to start a business which provides dorm cleaning services to other students. A student can offer services such as cleaning and organizing the room, taking out trash, making the bed and re-stocking the refrigerator. Or alternately, students can offer their cleaning services to households and provide services like carpet and window cleaning. 

These are some business ideas which anybody can make use of. These days, it's not just adults, but little children too who like to start earning money as early as possible. Some good business ideas for kids are to offer their gardening services, start their own toy rental library, and to provide dog washing services. In the end, it can be said that anyone can become an entrepreneur, whether young or old, male or female, provided they have the skills, confidence and attitude to carry on a business. A sure shot successful recipe for a business is hard work, skills, self-assurance and the ability to face any setbacks that may arise.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Why Many Staff Don't Work only Make Excuses

Why Many Staff  Don't  Work only Make Excuses in Global Recession ? 

Many Professionally Qualified Team Members don't work well for the productivity of Organisation due to following Reasons.

 Professionals who:

1. Have No Positive Attitude. 
2. Are Not Self Starters, They needs all ready made work to be done.
3. Don't Strives for Growth, Success and Excellence. Just work for Money
4. Not  Enthusiastic to Learn any New Skills.
5. Do not Loves Her Work and Organisation. 
6. No Loyalty Reflects in their Work. 
7. Can't  show any Productivity, Speed and Relevancy in all day to day work.
8. Lack of Self Esteem as they get their Salary on time.  

Check List for a New Team Member [ Optional ] 

1. Family Back Ground - Max. Marks – 10
a. Freedom Fighter – 10
b. Military Family - 8
c. Teacher Family - 8
d. Medium Family – 6 
e. Rich Family – 5
f. Poor family – 5
g. Non of others - 4

2. Health Level ---- Max. Marks -10
a. Excellent - 10
b. Good - 8
c. Average - 5
d. Less than Avg. 0

3. Education Level - Max. Marks - 10 
a. Less than Graduate - 3
b. Graduate - 5 
c. Engineer - 9
d. Lawyer - 6 
e. Mass Media - 9
f. Teacher - 5
g. Doctor - 8
h. C.A. – 7
i. Similar others – 7
j. Ph.D. - 8
k. More than above - 10
l. Pilot 10

4. Age - Max. Marks -- 10 
a. Less than 30 Years - 4
b. Between 30 – 35 - 6
c. Between 35 to 40 - 8
d. Between 40 – 50 --- 10
e. Between 50 to 55 - 8
f. Between 55 to 60 - 6 
g. Between 60 – 70 – 5
h. More than 60 - 4

5. Class of Society - Max. marks - 10 
a. Low class Business Class - 6
b. High Class Business - 4
c. Spotless Med. Class Govt. Service - 8
d. Spotless High Class Govt. Service - 10
e. High Class Private Service - 8
f. Med. Class Private Service - 6
g. Low class Private Service - 10 

6. Occupation Duration - Max. Marks - 10
a. Low Business since start - 6
b. High Business since start -- 2
c. Med./Low Business after service - 6
d. Med. Private Service – Less than 10 Years – 7
e. Med. Private Service More than 20 years - 8
f. High Private service - More than 10 Years – 10 
g. Spotless Govt. High Service More than 10 years - 8
h. Spotless Govt. Med. Service less than 10 Years – 6

7. General Knowledge ( To be judged at the time of Interview)
– Max. Marks - 20 
a. Excellent - 20 
b. Good - 15
c. Avg. - 10
d. Poor - 5

8. Speech Capability - ( To be judged at the time of Interview)-
Max. Marks - 20 
a. Excellent - 20 
b. Good - 15 
c. Avg. – 10
d. Poor - 5 

9. Sports and other Occupation like Bollywood –
- Max. Marks – 20 
a. International Level - 20 
b. National Level - 16
c. State Level - 12 
d. District Level - 10 
e. College level - 8 
Why You Need to Exercise
Why Do You Exercise
Why Is Working Out Good
Why Do Exercise
Why We Should Workout
Why I Exercise
Why Workout Every Other Day
Why Do You Work Out

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Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no mystical secret when it comes to being a successful business owner. There is certainly no definite set of rules to follow, either. However, you can learn a lot from entrepreneurs who have tried, failed, and finally succeeded before you.

We are all bound to make mistakes along the way, and there’s so much that we can gain from our mistakes. Some mistakes, though, are so deadly that they can cripple our business, so  obviously, we need to avoid them at all costs.

Below are some common mistakes that new entrepreneurs often make. See if any of them ring a bell, and do your best to correct your course as necessary to increase your chances of winning in the entrepreneurial game!

1. Unclear Goals 
One very common, yet deadly, mistake entrepreneurs often make is not having clear goals and vision. Never venture into a business prior to giving thought to its implications. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve and have a good idea of how you’ll get there. Once you’ve got it all figured out, it’s time to take things seriously and take the time and make the efforts necessary to achieve your goals.

2. Failing To Admit Fault 
We all make mistakes, but many people aren’t willing to admit and correct their mistakes. And there’s no chance you’ll correct a mistake you refuse to own up to. We all make mistakes and goof up here and there. When we aren’t willing to own up to our mistakes and do whatever is necessary to change them, we are defeating our initial purpose. It’s very important that when we discover a mistake we’ve made, we go back and do whatever  is necessary to correct the mistake. Doing this will help us avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble in the future. Don’t be afraid to listen to the input of others, and certainly don’t always assume you know better or what you think is more important. Simply admit the mistake, correct it, and learn from it so that you won’t be placed in the same situation in the future.

3. Greed
If your sole motivation for becoming an entrepreneur is focused around money, you are less likely to perform proper research prior to the start-up of the business. Often times, these are the same types of people who sell their start-ups at a very early stage – which can be another huge mistake. If your entire focus is on money, you are certain to fail. Never focus solely on the money that you’re hoping to make from your business. Instead, focus on the other, much more important things. Focusing on your vision for your business will help to keep you on the right track.

4. Impatience 
Statistically, a whopping 60% of businesses fail. Do you know why? Lack of patience is the biggest culprit. The only thing impatience will ensure is that your business will not be successful. As cliché as it sounds, patience really is a virtue, and it will help you to build a successful business that you can be proud of. It’s also important to note how important it is that you not relent in the waiting process. You simply never know when you may stumble upon something that can change your business forever!

5. Refusing Help 
A lot of people become entrepreneurs because they enjoy doing things on their own. Unfortunately, this can be a hindrance in the growth of your business. Get support from as many people as you possibly can so you aren’t wasting valuable time doing everything alone, when you could have some assistance. Never be afraid to ask for help. You may be surprised at the number of people who will be happy to help you, and also be happy for you when you succeed. Try networking with successful entrepreneurs and learn from them. Let them know how important they are to you, and that you, in turn, can be important to them.

Again, there is no silver bullet or magic pill when it comes to finding entrepreneurial success. But if you do your best to avoid the above mistakes, you’ll be on the right path, and your business will stand better chance than many!  What other mistakes should new entrepreneurs avoid? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!


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